Dan Hedt

Two writin’/playin’ forever good friends Dan Hedt and Hank Augustyn have come up with another one.  Categorizing music or naming song genres isn’t all that easy (or accurate) at times and this is one of those times.  The Allman Brothers, Delbert McClinton, or any of the southern flavored artists have all exerted some influence over these guys whenever they come to doing anything.  Maybe even throw in a dash of the Zach Brown Band if you’d like.  Whatever the sound is that you hear, we hope you like it.  Thank you for listening.  

As always, our deepest gratitude for the helping hands of our friends John Murray, Hrant Hratchian, and Ken Rich (the golden ear).  



A little story about two cowboys and their guitars. 

40 years ago, I hooked up with a guy named Marty Prevost and we started a band called Straight Shooter. We had no idea what would happened or where it would go. So, I grabbed my Les Paul and He his Gibson 335 and away we went. Not only did we play in the band and remain good friends for all those years, there was a magic thing that happened every time we walked on stage together that you can’t explain but just treasure.  With his recent passing, there is a musical hole that will never be filled but, here is a little story about that journey. 

Special thanks to: 

John Murray for doing vocals. 

Ken Rich for his ears and his patience. 

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A sizzling, amped up, edgy, pop, blues-rock tune about love. 

A news story of love that left a powerful message, stimulated a collaboration by two old friends, Dan Hedt and Terry Stroh. You never know when love is going to catch your eye. So, tuck this song in your pocket and be prepared. If you've already tasted love, you're going to love this.      As always, special thanks to Ken Rich. 

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